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Where can I buy an extra deep mattress protector

08 January 2021

Where Can I Buy an Extra Deep mattress protectot?

Over the past 10 years or so mattresses have become available in more types, sizes and depths than ever before. Typically mattress tend to measure between 17 and 23cm deep, however most manufacturers now include some very deep mattresses in their ranges.

Buying bedding, including mattress protectors to suit these depths is not always easy as the ones found in hight street shops tend to fit up to 30cm deep, and whilst that is sufficient for a lot of mattresses they won't fit an extra deep one. Well they will go on but because the sides will only cover part of the mattress depth they tend to ride up and pop off during the night.

So to find a mattress protector to suit these deeper mattresses you need to look a little further afield than the high street.

Here at Snugnights we have the perfect extra deep mattress protector in our Allergon range because it comes in two depth options. The standard one fits a mattress up to 30cm deep, but the extra deep option fits a mattress up to 40cm deep. This gives you the ideal mattress protector for any depth of mattress, just choose the 40cm deep option from the drop down box to make sure you get the one you need.

Allergon is waterproof and dust mite proof and is both breathable and quiet in use. It can be washed at temperatures up to 90c and tumble dried if required. Allergon is the perfect all round mattress protector for every bed in every home.

See the Allergon Extra Deep Mattress Protector Here