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What type of mattress protector do I need to use on a memory foam mattress?

02 December 2021

A good memory foam mattress can make all the difference to a good nights sleep but they can be a costly investment so of course you want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible don't you? 

Does a memory foam mattress need a waterproof mattress protector?

If you think about it a memory foam mattress is essentially a very big sponge. and we all know that sponges soak up liquids. The human body generates a range of liquids including urine, persperation, tears as well as other occasional liquids. During the night as we sleep we leak a little of this fluid, occasionally a lot. Your foam mattress will simply soak all of this up. The problem that once it has soaked it up, you cant wash it out like you can with a bath sponge. Of course it will eventually dry out, but the various salts and bacteria that is in these fluids will firstly discolour the foam and secondly over time they will decompose and begin to smell as mould and fungus begins to take hold. It doesn't matter whether it is a top of the range Tempur mattress or a budget one from Argos they all have the same sponge like qualities.

For this reason you MUST protect a memory foam mattress with a waterproof mattress protector.

Which is the best mattress protector for a memory foam mattress?

As stated before it must be waterproof but there are lots of waterproof mattress protectors out there so which is the best one to use with a memory foam mattress protector?

The first thing to consider is the thickness of the mattress protector. The reason for this is that you purchased a memory foam mattress for its comfort and supportive qualities. If you put something too thick between you and the mattress then you will just be compromising those qualities and it will will be have been a waste of money buying it in the first place.

So for this reason don't use a quilted mattress protector on a memory foam mattress. The mattress protector needs to be as thin an unobtrusive as possible, yet tough enough not to let anything through to the mattress below. Waterproof mattress protectors have an upper surface and a lower surface. For use with memory foam both these layers need to be as this as possible. Ideally they need to stretch and mould to your body shape just as the mattress does, and of course the sheet that you use on the bed is another layer between you and the mattress.

When it comes to sheets they also need to be stretchy as possible to follow the shape of your body as the mattress moulds around you. Most standard polycotton sheets are made from a woven fabric. Woven fabrics stretch in just one direction only, if you want the best sheets for use with a memory foam mattress choose a ;jersey' fitted sheet. The word jersey tells you that it is a knitted product instead of a woven one. Knitted products stretch in all directions and work better in conjunction with a memory foam mattress than a woven product does.

Anyway, back to choosing the best mattress protector for use with a memory foam mattress.

We have established that it must be waterproof, thin but hardwearing and stretchy. For comfort it must also be breathable because otherwise it will make you, hot, sweaty and uncomfortable and you dont want that. It also needs to be quiet in use, there is nothing worse than having a noisy rustly mattress protector underneath you. Some mattress protectors use a layer of pvc to provide the waterproofing, pvc isn't breathable so you are best avoiding these.

The best combination of all the desirable features in a waterproof mattress protector for a memory foam mattress protector can be found in 'Allergon'. 

'Allergon' has a soft cotton terry upper surface. The terry surface is made of thousands of tiny loops of cotton. These tiny loops massively increase the surface area of cotton, meaning that it can absorb much more liquid than a flat fabric. This higher absorbancy, not only holds more liquid but it also allows the liquid to wick out across the surface which allows it to dry out much more quickly.

The underside of 'Allergon' is a microfine polyurethane membrane. This is very thin, yet very hardwearing. It is also breathable so that it will not make you hot. It is also quiet with no rustling.

'Allergon' is the perfect mattress protector to use with a memory foam mattress. Waterproof, quiet, thin yet hardwearing yet virtually undetectable in use.

See 'Allergon' here