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The all singing all dancing this one does pretty much everything mattress protector

29 October 2021

Researching which is the best mattress protector for you and your family can be a bit of a slog. every supplier and manufacturer will of course tell you that theirs is the very best that money can buy. So maybe you can choose the best by choosing the one with the longest list of features? But then are some features better than others?

For example is being waterproof an important feature? The answer is yes, but if that waterproofing comes at the expense of comfort then it's no longer a beneficial feature of your ideal mattress protector.

If the mattress protector is beautifully comfortable with a delicate soft silk like feel, is that a beneficial feature? the answer is yes, but not if that comes at the expense of protecting the mattress.

If the mattress protector is very soft and delicate then what happens to it when it spends an hour sloshing around in the hot water of your washing machine, if it collapses and falls apart during the first wash then its been a waste of your money.

You see choosing the right mattress protector is a bit of a balancing act, because too much of one thing can compromise another thing.

So lets look at combining the all the most desirable features of the best mattress protectors.

First of all a mattress protector HAS to be waterproof, if its not then its mattress protection abilities are virtually non existent. It's like going out in the rain wearing just your t shirt, it doesn't take long for the rain to soak you through to your skin. Of course you aren't neccesarily going to be subjecting your mattress to that amount of liquid but if your protector isn't waterproof then something will go through, even if it is just perspiration and over time a selection of yellowish brown stains will form.

Also that waterproof element is vitally important in the control of dust mites. If it is waterproof then it creates a solid barrier between you and your mattress, meaning that not only moisture, but skin particles cannot pass through to the mattress. If skin and moisture can pass through then dust mites WILL live and breed inside your mattress. Dust mite colonies can be huge, many millions of them can live inside a single mattress. A waterproof barrier not only cuts off their food supply and starves them but it also stops their waste products from puffing out of your mattress into your eyes, nose and mouth. About 10% off us are allergic to dust mite waste.

But that waterproofing needs to be comfortable to sleep on. If it makes a loud creaking or rustling noise as you move about then it is going to disturb your sleep. If it makes you hot and sweaty then it is not going to be nice to lie on at all. That waterproof layer needs to be virtually invisible to you as you lie on it.

So how about a mattress protector that has a soft noiseless breathable dust mite proof barrier? A mattress protector that has a soft padded quilted layer sitting above the waterproof layer? A mattress protector that has the quilted layer made from supersoft to the touch microfibre?

That is our new microfibre quilted waterproof mattress protector. The best of all worlds. Inobtrusive, quiet breathable waterproof protection for your mattress. One of the best mattress protectors that it is possible to buy.

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