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Privacy Notice


We only use your data to improve your experience with us.
We look after and protect your data.
We delete your data if we no longer need it.
You can have your data deleted whenever you want to.

In more detail:

Personal data is data that belongs to you and can be used to identify you. Personal data could include your name and address, your telephone number, your work address and your payment information We collect your personal data either when processing a purchase that you want to make, either via an online purchase or a telephone purchase, or when you opt in to receive future marketing messages relating to new products, special offers or discount codes. Just like you, we buy things online and we need to know that our ersonal data is safe with companies that we choose to interact with. We treat your personal data in the same way that we expect our personal data to be treated.

Snugnights is the data controller, the company that is responsible for, and protects your personal data. Our ICO registration number is ZA393513.

How we use your personal data:

Your name and address – Used to deliver your purchases to you, as we cannot make a delivery if we don’t know where you are. We might also use your name and address to help to identify your account or order history if you telephone with a query and don’t know your customer ID or Order number. We also use your address to calculate shipping costs when you place an order online.

Your email address – We use your email address to contact you regarding your purchase, or to reply to a query received from you. Once we know that your purchase has reached you and that you are happy with the item we will only contact you by email if you have specifically opted in to our newsletters that inform of new products, special offers and discount codes.

Your telephone number – We don’t often need to contact our customers by telephone, but if we do it is usually if we have a query about your order or delivery address. We would usually attempt to contact you by email first.

Your payment information – When you make a purchase online Snugnights doesn’t see or have access to your payment card details. We use a third party payment processor to do this. We use SagePay and PayPal to process these payments. They are both internationally recognised leaders in the world of payment processing and have their own robust privacy and data protection policies. If you make a payment by telephone then our staff will enter your payment details directly into SagePay for them to process the payment. We do not retain or store your payment details after the payment is completed. On the rare occasion that a refund is needed we can do this from within SagePay without having to take your payment details again.

Your contact history – If we have a telephone conversation with you then that conversation is recorded to allow us to train our staff to respond to your telephone call to the best of their ability. It also allows us to check back that we are sending the correct item out to you. These call recordings are automatically deleted after 90 days. Sent and received emails are deleted after 2 years. Details of your purchase history are retained to allow us to process refunds and any future potential warranty claims.

Your internet browsing device – We need to know the type of device that you are using so that we can display our website at the best size, resolution and layout to provide you with the best browsing experience.

Sharing your information:

We are very selfish with the personal data that we collect. We do not share it with anyone that we don’t have to share it with. We will never, ever sell any of your personal data to any other person, company or organisation.

However there are some organisations that we have to share your information with.

• Delivery companies such as Parcelforce, Royal Mail etc. Obviously we have to give them your name and address otherwise they cannot deliver your purchases. For a faster more efficient delivery service we use a third party called Despatchbay to book deliveries in to Parcelforce and Yodel.

• As mentioned earlier we use SagePay and PayPal to process payments. Without sharing your details with them you would not be able to buy our products.
• If you opt in to our newsletter then we use emarketing providers to deliver our messages. We currently use Swiftpage and MailChimp as our preferred emarketing partners. Without sharing your name and email address with them we would not be able to send you these special offers. They do not share your data with anyone else. You can opt out of our newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe option or by emailing us with a request to unsubscribe.

Deleting your personal data

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at anytime you like by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.
You can ask for us to delete any or all of your personal data at any time by telephone or email
If you have created an account through this website you can close and delete the account at any time by logging into your account and then clicking on the 'Delete Account' button


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