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Dust mites live in all of our homes and to be honest you will never get rid of all of them but by using our quick guide you can certainly reduce their numbers in your bedroom.
A mattress protector is there to protect your mattress, but how often should you wash it? Should it be as often as your sheets and duvet cover, or can it wait longer in between washes?
This is a very important question to ask because waterproof mattress protectors can be constructed from a wide variety of materials from various parts of the world. So here we cover what is safe and what is best avoided.
These days most people use a waterproof mattress protector, but fewer people use a waterproof pillow protector. So what are the benefits of using a waterproof pillow protector?
As a specialist in the control of dust mites within a mattress we are often asked whether a mattress protector prevents dust mites. The answer depends on the individual mattress protector. Read why here.
So you have spent a considerable amount of money on a memory foam mattress, but how do you protect it from marks and stains?
A mattress protector doesn't last forever, but when does it need to be replaced? What can cause damage to a mattress protector and do some mattress protectors last longer than others?
Is there one mattress protector that combines all the best possible features together in one amazing product?
Here we explain in details what makes the best pillow for side sleepers and why a traditional pillow just won't do it. The right pillow for a side sleep needs to meet three specific requirements. Herec we will introduce you to the best possible pillow for side sleepers.
Due to customer requests we have added another size to our best selling Allergon Waterproof Mattress Protector range which is now available in an amazing 20 different mattress sizes. Now 120 x 200cm is available.