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Mattress Protectors

Every bed in every home needs a mattress protector. Without a mattress protector your mattress will soon start to become marked and stained. This is mainly caused by perspiration that soaks through to mattress. Once the mattress is marked it is virtually impossible to clean so always fit a quality mattress protector from the first day your new mattress arrives. Here at Snugnights we stock the largest range available in the UK. We have 14 different types of mattress protector in up to 22 different mattress sizes. 

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Quilted 100% Cotton Mattress Protector

If you prefer to only use natural products and fibres in your bedding then here is a pure cotton mattress protector for you. The outer cover is a soft 100% cotton percale, the inner filling is also 100% cotton, providing a soft natural layer between you and your mattress. Cool in summer, warm in winter.

EcoSleep Ultimate Waterproof Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheet in One

We call this the Ultimate Mattress Protector because it is so comfortable that you can sleep directly on it without the need for an additional fitted sheet. So that means just one item to wash and dry, and of course your mattress protector gets washed every time your sheet does.

Waterproof Quilted Microfibre Mattress Protector

If you want to combine supreme comfort with waterproof protection then this is the one for you.

Snugnights Care Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is our entry level standard waterproof mattress protector. It provides simple everyday mattress protection at a budget price.

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