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How To Order

Step By Step Instructions On How To Place Your Order


Step 1.

Use the navigation menu at the top of the page to locate the product of your choice.

Step 2

Some products have options such as size, depth or colour.  These options are in drop down boxes just below the price. If there are no boxes then there are no options for that particular item. Click on the option that is displayed to show other available options. Click on the one that you want. There may be more option boxes below the first one, if there are, repeat the process for each one. As you select options the price shown on the screen changes to reflect your choices.

Step 3.

When you are happy with your selection click on the add to cart button. A box then asks if you want to continue shopping or to go to the cart.

Step 4.

The cart page shows the item that you have chosen. You can clear or update the quantities on this screen, but if you just want to go ahead just tick the box that is below the checkout button, then click the checkout button itself.

Step 5.

You can now Register, Check Out as a Guest or Login if you are a returning customer. 

Step 6.

There is a blue tick in the middle of the page. Leave it ticked if you want delivery to your billing address or untick it if you want delivery to a different address. Select the billing addrees from the screen and click next. Enter a different delivery address if you need to and click next. 

Step 7.

Choose the shipping method from the choices given and click next.

Step 8

Choose your payment method and click next, then click to confirm your order.

Step 9.

Follow the instruction to complete your payment method and you are done.


Sit back, relax and await your delivery