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How often should I replace my mattress protector?

19 November 2021


We are often asked how often a mattress protector needs to be replaced. So let's look at this in more detail.

Replace your mattress protector when you buy a new mattress

It sounds obvious doesn't it, but people often forget to buy a new mattress protector when they buy a new mattress. If the shop that you bought it from are doing their job properly they should suggest buying a new mattress protector at the point that you agree to buy the new mattress. This isn't just an add on sale to make them more money. It is just common sense. Mattresses are not cheap and a new mattress protector is just a tiny fraction of the price. If you were just going to put your old mattress protector on the new mattress you are more or less guaranteeing that the protector will fail at some point. It is always best to start with a new mattress protector on a new mattress, then you know that you are starting on night one with full protection and not relying on an old protector that could be almost worn out.

Replace your mattress protector if you notice any damage to it

When you are making up your bed, take a close look at the mattress protector. Is there any obvious damage? Maybe holes or tears that have occurred during the laundry process, or heat damage caused by your tumble drier? Look on the underside at the waterproof side can you see any cracks or areas where the coating is peeling away? If you see any damage to the waterproof membrane then it is almost certainly no longer waterproof and needs reoplacing.

What can cause damage to a mattress protector?

There are a number of things that can cause damage to a mattress protector. The obvious thing is for it to be accidentally cut or punctured by something sharp. This could be anything but one of the most common causes is pets claws. Cats love a good stretch and a scratch and if those claws dig into your mattress protector then it can very easily become punctured or torn and stop protecting your mattress so do be cautious about allowing pets on to your bed. 

Excess heat can also damage a waterproof mattress protector, so of course never attempt to iron a mattress protector. Heat from a tumble drier can also cause damage to a mattress protector even if the protector is designed to withstand a hot washing cycle it doesn't mean that 

Do some mattress protectors last longer than others?

Yes just like anything else some mattress protectors last longer than others. At the end of the day this comes down to a combination of the quality of its components, howwell it was put together and the amount of 'abuse' it is being subjected to.

A cheaper mattress protector is almost certainly made from lower quality components that can wear out sooner, or fall apart sooner than a higher quality one. There have been many incidents of mattress protectors splitting and tearing whilst being fitted to the mattress for the first time. This usually down to either trying to force a mattress protector on to a mattress that is too big or the stitching on the protector just not being of particularly good quality. Also long sharp fingernails have been known to pierce even the best mattress protectors, so do take care if you have long nails.

If a mattress protector is cheap it is for a reason, this does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on one, it just means that you should avoid the very cheapest as it is likely to be a false economy as you are probably going to have to replace it sooner, or worse still it fails during use and your mattress becomes damaged.

If you are looking for a mattress protector that does not need to be replaced too frequently then Allergon is the one to go for. It is manufactured using the highest quality components, in a state of the art european production facility. It is designed to protect your mattress and then withstand high washing temperatures and can also be tumble dried. 

We have had occasions where customers have commented that they have had the same Allergon mattress protector for in escess of 10 years!

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