Full Care Zipped Waterproof Mattress Protector

A zip fastening mattress cover that is waterproof, dust mite proof and bed bug proof

As low as £40.00

This is our Full Care Zipped Waterproof Mattress Cover.

We call it Full Care because that's exactly what it is. this is a zipped waterproof mattress protector that ticks all the boxes. If you want the ultimate in mattress protection then this is it. It completely encases the mattress and fastens with a zip. It is waterproof to protect your mattress from marks and stains and it is both dust mite proof and bed bug proof.

Waterproof Mattress Protection - This highly technical textile is completely waterproof yet it is breathable. This means that it is comfortable in use whilst protecting your mattress. The surface physically repels liquids, they just bead up and roll off. This means that you can just wipe the surface down and the protector is dry and ready for immediate use.

Dust Mite Protection - Dust Mites require moisture and a food source to survive. This mattress cover ensures that neither can get through to the mattress so dust mites never become an issue in your mattress.

Bed Bug Protection - The zip fastening means that bed bugs, which are physically bigger than dust mites cannot get inside your mattress.

This one fits a single mattress measuring up to 90cm wide, 190cm long and up to 23cm deep. It is supplied in white.

  • Anti dust mite
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti mould
  • Anti bed bug
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