EcoSleep Ultimate 2 in 1 Waterproof Pillow Protector

Ecosleep is the ultimate Pillow Protector, no other pillowcase is needed just sleep directly on Ecosleep. Protects your pillow from becoming marked and stains and reasdictes dust mites.

Some colours are currently out of stock but orders can still be placed and they will be put on back order.

As low as £14.99

We call EcoSleep the Ultimate Pillow Protector because it is so comfortable that you can just sleep directly on it, in fact many users will choose to do just that. EcoSleep brings together many of the very latest technical innovations to create a vastly superior product to anything else that you might have seen before.

The upper surface is made from the very latest generation of high performance technical fabric. This is a natural fibre that is grown in a sustainable manner. It has unique qualities that make it perfect for improved sleep. This natural fibre is as soft as silk, strong as polyester, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton.

This super absorbency is crucially important, it means that moisture and perspiration is rapidly absorbed and quickly evaporates keeping the body drier and the temperature better regulated during the night. As a comparison a polyester/cotton mix absorbs less than 20% of moisture in 3 minutes. In contrast EcoSleep absorbs 100% of moisture in just 20 seconds!!

On the underside of the EcoSleep surface is a microfine breathable yet waterproof intelligent membrane that repels liquids. This ensures that the pillow beneath remains dry and clean. This barrier also prevents dust mites from living within the pillow.

Some users will use their usual bed linen over EcoSleep but as it can be slept on without extra pillowcases we manufacture it in a range of colours compliment your current bedding. In fact the EcoSleep name came from the fact that by using EcoSleep only one item was used instead of two, just one item to buy, use, wash and then dry.

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