Dreamland Intelliheat Premium Soft Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

Probably our most popular electric blanket. The soft fleece covers the heating elements to you give you a warm cosy nights sleep.

As low as £44.99

This is the Dreamland Premium Soft Fleecy Heated Underblanket with the very latest Intelliheat technology built in. 

An underblanket is used underneath you. You place it directly onto your mattress and secure it in place with the elasticated straps.You then make your bed up as normalafter attaching the lead to a convenient power socket.

The upper surface is a premium soft fleece to provide added comfort.

The latest Intelliheat technology allows the blanket to heat up in just 5 minutes meaning that you can switch it on and by the time you have finished brushing your teeth your bed will be warm and toasty..

The Intelliheat Digital Control Unit has 6 'intelligent' temperature settings and is very clear and simple to use. To operate switch it on and select the fast pre heat option, then when you are ready to get into bed, select your preferred temperature setting which will then be precisely maintained throughout the night.

You can choose to just have the heating on for 1 hour and to then switch off, or to have it on the 9 hour setting for all night warmth..

The intelliheat system cleverly controls and minimises energy consumption, meaning that running costs are incredibly low. For example a double size electric blanket costs just 1p per side to heat for 7 hours so it is much cheaper to heat just your bed instead of the whole room.

IMPORTANT NOTICE :This product is intended for use within the UK only, due to electrical supply differences and being fitted with a UK standard plug. We cannot accept orders from outside of the UK, any orders from outside the UK cannot be accepted and will have to be cancelled and refunded.

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