Babymoov Lovenest Flat Head Prevention Support Pillow

Help prevent your baby from developing “flat head” (positional plagiocephally) with the use of the BabymoovLovenest.

Help prevent your baby from developing "flat head" (positional plagiocephally) with the use of the Babymoov Love Nest.
  • Comfort: The head naturally falls into the middle of the Love Nest
  • Mobility: Allows your baby to freelyturn his/her head from side to side
  • Support: Designed to keep your baby's head from resting on the Occiput (the back of the head)
The Love Nest's patented design was created by Dr. Manuel Maidenberg (Pediatrician) & Madame Gina Diwan (Baby Designer).
"The positional plagiocephally or "flat head" is more frequent as babies are now sleeping on their backs. Since their skulls are still soft deformaties can result from the pressure of their own weight. The Love Nest is specifically designed to allow the baby to sleep on his/her back while preventing "flat head" Dr. Manuel Maidenberg.
Exterior Fabric 80% Cotton 20% Polyester
Interior Filling Foam
Machine Wash at 30c
Dimensions 20cm x 22cm
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