What is a Duvet Cover?

What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a decorative cover that fits over your duvet. It isn't there to protect it, just to give your bed a fashionable and smart look.

Duvet covers tend to be made from polyester or cotton or a combination of the two.

They can be plain single colour items or have bold patterns and designs on them.

You would usually choose a design that either complemented the colour scheme of your bedroom or featured a scene, character or design that just appealed to you.

Duvet Covers often come as a set so there will also be pillowcases to match the duvet cover.

Putting on a duvet cover can be awkward and people come up with different ways to do it. The duvet cover will have an opening along the bottom edge to allow you to place your duvet inside. Some people push their duvets inside then hold two of the corners of the duvet cover against the corresponding corner of the duvet and shake to get the duvet inside straight.

Some duvet covers have slits to place your hands through to place the duvet correctly inside.

Duvet covers need to be washed along with your pillowcase and sheets so build up a collection of different duvet cover sets to give your bedroom a change of look each time.

So there you are if you ever wanted to know 'What is a duvet cover?' you now know.

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