Waterproof Mattress Protector

Snugnights are the waterproof mattress protector specialists, we have every kind of waterproof mattress protector in just about every size you would need, below you will find more details of the options available or if you just want to jump straight to the shopping pages then then just click here Waterproof Mattress Protectors

A waterproof mattress protector should be fitted to every bed in every home, but of course some need it more than others. A waterproof mattress protector is available in a number of different styles, usually it will be in the form of a fitted sheet with an elasticated skirt around the outside edge to hold it firmly in place or it might have an elasticated loop at each corner to hold it, however these can sometimes curl up and lift at the edges, the fitted sheet style ones tend to stay in place more securely.

Then you need to consider what the waterproof mattress protector is actually made from. At the budget end of the market there are ones that are little more than a wipe down plastic cover. These will certainly do the job but unfortunately they are not very nice to sleep on. They can be noisy and crinkly when you lie on them but even worse they can make you hot and sweaty at night. There are also budget ones made from what are called non woven fabrics, these are again not expensive to buy but tend to be water resistant rather than waterproof. They look a bit like the material used to make those paper suits that the police wear when investigating a crime scene. These kind again can sometimes make you hot at night and due to their construction are not designed to be washed on a regular basis but can make an econimical buy if you treat them as a budget buy that you replace on a regular basis.

You don't need to use plastic covers for beds anymore, the next step up from these are machine washable waterproof mattress protectors that consist of an upper surface, usually a terry towelling material with a waterproof layer on the underside. The terry towelling layer is there to improve the comfort and also to provide an absorbent layer to absorb moisture. These can last for many years with regular washing and tend to cost just a little more than the budget types. We have an entry level version called 'Snugnights Care' which has a polyester cotton terry upper with a waterproof pvc backing, then our best selling 'Snugnights Allergon' range that benefits from a cotton terry upper surface with a breathable waterproof polyurethane backing. This is probably the best waterproof mattress protector currently available. It is machine washable, it can be tumble dried and in use it is virtually undetectable in use.

If you need a waterproof mattress protector that is a bit more heavy duty then we have our Allergon+ range, this is very similar to the 'Snugnights Allergon' range but with the added protection of waterproof sides as well as the upper surface, then for something more we can offer our 'Total Enclosure Zipped Waterproof Mattress Protector' that as the name suggests, completely encases your mattress in a zipped waterproof cover.

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