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Single Mattress Protector

Single Mattress Protector

At Snugnights we find that a Single Mattress Protector is the item we are most asked about. It is for this reason that we have created this page specifically about the different kinds of Single Mattress Protector that we have available.
When choosing a single mattress protector the first thing that you need to decide on is whether you want a waterproof single mattress protector or one that isn't waterproof. Waterproof ones can be just as comfortable to use as quilted ones but have the added benefit that your mattress will be protected from the stains and marks that are caused by perspiration and you will be protected from dust mites. Lets look at our Single Mattress Protector options in more detail. For ease of use They are shown in two seperate lists, the first being waterproof and the second list being non waterproof, in order from the cheapest single mattress protector through to our most luxurious single mattress protector.
  1. Basics Waterproof Single Mattress Protector - This is our lowest priced single mattress protector at just £4.99. It is made from waterproof polypropylene and fits onto the mattress in very much the same way as a fitted sheet. It is designed to provide basic mattress protection at a budget price.
  2. Care Waterproof Single Mattress Protector - This is one step up from the Basics model and is manufactured using a low pile polyester/cotton terry toweling upper surface. On the underside of this is a waterproof PVC membrane. This costs slightly more than the Basics modelat £8.50 but is significantly more robust and will last much longer. £8.99
  3. Allergon Waterproof Single Mattress Protector - This is easily our best selling single mattress protector. The reason being that it is virtually undetectable in use and the second being that it is dust mite proof. This is the single mattress that everyone wants. £17.50
  4. Allergon+ Plus Waterproof Single Mattress Protector - This is exactly the same as the standard Allergon but the waterproof layer continues down both sides of the mattress for that added extra protection. £24.50
  1. Pinsonic Quilted Single Mattress Protector - Although not waterproof Pinsonic is water and stain resistant. It is a polypropylene quilted protector that is designed to give good, basic protection for a single mattress protector. £8.25
  2. Standard Quilted Single Mattress Protector - A soft polyester/cotton mix quilted single mattress protector in a fitted sheet style. The quilting has a polyester fibre wadding to provide padding and it will fit mattresses up to 12 inches in depth. £8.99
  3. Luxury Anti Allergy Quilted Single Mattress Protector - The next step up from the standard model offers a thicker wadding fill for a more luxurious feel coupled with 'Hygiene Plus' treatment that help keep moulds, bacteria and dust mites at bay. £18.99
  4. Ibiza Jacquard Zipped Single Mattress Protector - More a cover than a protector, this polyester/cotton jacquard design cover completely covers the mattress and fastens with a zip offerring a new lease of life to an older mattress as well as providing protection from wear and tear. £22.99
  5. Quilted Cotton Single Mattress Protector - The upper surface is a soft 100% cotton percale with a 100% natural cotton fibre filling for that feeling of pure luxury. £27.50
  6. Ibiza Satin Stripe Zip On Single Mattress Protector - Very similar in concept to the Ibiza Jacquard but this time made from 100% cotton with a satin stripe design. £28.75
  7. Luxury Quilted Egyptian Cotton Single Mattress Protector - A deep filled luxury mattress protector that fits extra deep mattresses up to 38cm deep. £39.99


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