Anti Allergy Bedding

Anti Allergy Bedding is bedding that is designed to protect the occupant of the bed from contact with dust mites and their waste products during the night.

Some of us are prone to allergies and one of the most common allergies is to the common house dust mite. Dust mites live in all of our homes regardless of how clean they are. They live in the places that are virtually impossible to clean, they need a two things to survive, moisture and a food source. Dust mites eat the tiny particles of skin (known as dander or dandruff) that we lose as we go about our daily activities. Before they can eat the particle, it has to be broken down by bacteria. Bacteria requires moisture to grow.

The most common place to find the dust mite in huge numbers is in our beds. Here they have a plentiful supply of skin particles that rub off whilst we are asleep, they live in the top couple of centimetres of our mattress and in our pillows. The moisture that we produce at night provides the perfect microclimate for the bacteria which then works on the skin particles.

There are two ways to deal with the issue, we either have to have bedding that has been specially treated to inhibit the bacteria or we have to provide a barrier between us and them. Snugnights has a broad selection of anti allergy bedding products to deal with this issue. We have mattress, pillow and duvet protectors that create a barrier between them and you, this not only stops them from being in contact with you but it also effectively starves them out by preventing moisture and skin particles from reaching them. We also have a range of treated pillows and duvets that stop the growth of the essential bacteria that the dust mite relies on. You can see our full range of anti allergy bedding here. Anti Allergy Bedding

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