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Total Enclosure Zipped Mattress Protectors

When only totally encasing your mattress inside a heavy duty zip on cover is the answer.Totally enclose your mattress for complete waterproof continence care protection

  • Medical/Hospital quality continence protection
  • Machine wash to 95°c up to 300 times.
  • Multi-filament polyester fabric
  • Textured surface soft PVC
  • Complete enclosure zipped mattress protector
  • Supplied in attractive green finish
  • Available in single and double and king sizes
  • Fits up to 23cm deep mattress
Quilted Polyester Cotton Quilted mattress protector

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Single Total Enclosure Zipped Mattress Cover 70090
Double Total Enclosure Zipped Mattress Cover 70149
King Total Enclosure Zipped Mattress Cover 70152


Total Enclosure Mattress Protectors

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July 2008

The thing with mattress protectors…

.….is that we tend to overlook them just a little. They are one of those things that you don’t really see when they are in use and what they do is not very exciting. However they are actually more important than the bedding that you can see, so you really should give them at least the same amount of consideration. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive ones; it just means that you need to buy the right ones. Get it wrong and they won’t provide any protection to your mattresses at all, or worse still if you can feel them on the bed or if they make you hot and uncomfortable then you might just remove them and leave the mattress unprotected. Mattress protectors can also protect you from dust mites which are present in most mattresses. ‘Allergon’ from Snugnights, addresses all of these issues. Waterproof and dust mite proof they are virtually undetectable in use. Available in 15 mattress sizes.


The 'Fusion' Memory Foam Multi Core Pillow will revolutionise your sleeping experience. This pillow is in a standard pillow size but all other similarities end there. The machine washable zipped cover hides the very latest in pillow technology with 50 foam suspension springs encased in a memory foam outer

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