Memory Foam Mattresses, Pillows & Mattress Toppers.

Our range of memory foam bedroom accessories has been carefully selected to provide both high quality and value for money - for absolute comfort, memory foam mattress and toppers cannot be beaten.

Memory Foam or Pressure Relieving Visco Elastic foam as it is sometimes referred to, comes in a potentially baffling array of densities and qualities ranging from very poor to excellent and from very cheap to unbelievably expensive. It can therefore be difficult to know what to look for. For this reason we have made the choice very simple and clear to understand.

You might hear reference to the different densities of foam used, for example 40 density or 60 density, this is important but not the only factor to take in to account. Most suppliers will tell you that the best memory foam density is 60, but please bear in mind that to come up with the range we have here we have personally tested numerous versions densities and styles and two similar styled similar density products can feel completely different in use. Some memory foam pillows are so firm that they are almost unusable (imagine a pillow like a bag of sand!), needless to say our range only includes items that we would be prepared to use ourselves and all of our products are made using the higher quality 60 density memory foam.

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Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam pillows obviously feel very different in use to a traditional pillow, they are designed to support your head and neck and to minimise compression of your spine. They will therefore always feel firmer than your old pillow and will take a few days to get used to. We have 3 different versions in our range all of which are made in the UK. ..more

Memory Foam Support Pillow

This is the easiest transition from a standard pillow and consists of a specially moulded supporting memory foam core that is surrounded by a traditional polyester filling. A perfect compromise with the benefits of memory foam support with the feel of a traditional pillow...more

Memory Foam Micro Bead Pillow

This is the next step up from the Memory Foam Support pillow and consists of a filling of memory foam beads that shift and mould to your head and neck profile thus providing support and allowing your neck muscles to relax and regenerate resulting in a more comfortable refreshing sleep...more

Luxury Memory Foam Pillow

This is our top of the range memory foam pillow and consists of a one piece moulded solid memory foam pillow. Like all of our memory foam pillows it is shaped like a traditional pillow and will therefore fit your existing pillow cases. It is firm, yet comfortable, it is hypo allergenic and dust mite free (with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial protection) and is also flame retardent...more

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Visco Elastic memory Foam Mattress Toppers sit on top of your existing mattress and provide a pressure relieving layer. Your current bedding, bottom sheet, mattress protector all go on top of this. The idea is that your body is evenly supported throughout rather than having gaps between you and your mattress thus creating pressure points on the parts of your body that are in contact with the mattress. They also protect you from the upward pressure points caused by mattress springs and buttons...more

Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is our top of the range visco elastic memory foam 50mm memory foam mattress topper. It is a luxurious 50mm deep (twice as deep as our standard memory foam topper) and is supplied with a washable zip on cover. You literally sink in to the luxurious surface as the topper moulds itself to your shape. We genuinely believe that this is the best memory foam mattress topper currently available. ..more

Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Our Luxury memory foam mattress offers all the benefits and advantages of a top of the range memory foam mattress at an amazingly affordable price. Make no mistake this memory foam mattress must be one of the best currently available in the UK...more

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